Sunday, December 7, 2008


Dear Disgruntled Mother of 4,

I’m sorry to have let you down by being a non-blogger. I hereby repent and share with you my most recent funny.

If you’re into The Office, you might be interested to know that I work with Dwight’s personality twin. It’s like if Dwight and Dwight’s clone had a love child, it would result in this person. We’ll call her Dwight the Second.

Dwight the Second is Greek, pretty protective of “her clients,”into Star Trek and waywayway more serious about her job than anyone I know.

We like to play tricks on her (nice ones, of course…nothing mean). The most recent joke is making me pee my skirt every day at work.

We’ve started sending her faxes from different locations from her future self, and she keeps getting confused and making comments in passing about them like “I think I’m going to be the new country manager of Europe,” or “things are going to change around here.”

The first fax:

Hello E-

This fax may seem a little odd to you.

Actually, I am you, from the future.

This fax is coming to you from your future office!

I am warning you.

A lot is about to happen. Be careful.

Details later.

Future E-

He he he. Stay tuned for more updates.


Justin & Kamie said...

Hahah. I love this. I want to work with a Greek Dwight the Second.

KT said...

I work at home, alone, so if I were to get a fax from the future it would probably be really cool.